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Beating Bed Bugs: Discover How To Eradicate These Pests Without Stress

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Have you recently found signs of bed bugs in your home? You may have thought the bites on your skin were from mosquitoes, but eventually found a bed bug crawling around on your mattress. Unlike roaches, these pests can easily be found in some of the cleanest and most spotless homes because they are only looking to feed on blood. Now that you know what kind of pest you are dealing with, it is time to take the right steps to eradicate this problem. If bed bugs are not eradicated from a home, they will not go away on their own, and the problem will just get worse.

Start Clearing Out the Home and Checking Everything

While you do not necessarily have to get rid of your belongings, it is important to start clearing out any clutter you may have and checking all of your belongings, especially your furniture and clothing. If you have a lot of belongings crammed together in your bedroom, it is easier for the bed bugs to find a good spot to hide when they are not feeding. Get rid of anything you do not need by throwing it in a trash bag, sealing it shut and then putting it out in the backyard until trash day.

Bag and Wash Your Clothes and Blankets

It may sound like a huge chore, but bed bugs are known to hide in blankets, sheets and even clothing. Strip your mattress of your sheets, comforter and even your pillowcases and throw them into large trash bags. You will need to remove all the clothing from your dressers and closet and wash them as well. If you are unable to wash everything at once, simply keep your items stored in trash bags that are sealed tightly to keep any bugs inside. Once you have washed your linen in hot water and have dried it on the hottest setting, keep all clothing in sealed bags until you have performed some type of treatment to get rid of these pests.

Contact a Bed Bug Exterminator

Trying to remove these pests from the home is often difficult to do on your own because they are so small and can easily fit into some of the tiniest cracks and crevices. The best way to eradicate bed bugs is to contact a pest control company that has experience with getting rid of them. While talking to the exterminator, you should ask about the different types of treatments available. Some of the treatments offered may include:

  • Heat treatment designed to kill every single bed bug in the home. The exterminator would use portable heating equipment to drastically raise the temperature inside the home. You would not be able to stay inside of your property during this treatment because the temperature will be extreme enough to destroy these bugs, whether they are nymphs or adults.
  • Steam vacuum used to heat and treat different types of furniture, including couches, mattresses and even coffee tables.
  • Insecticide treatment sprayed on walls, crevices, bed frames and other types of furniture to kill any bed bugs that come across it. Some insecticides work better than others, but the exterminator will know exactly which ones to use.

Learning more about these treatment options may help you decide which one is right for your home. Some exterminators like to use a combination of treatments to improve their chances of eradicating these pests, including a steam treatment on furniture followed by a thorough spray down of the home with an insecticide.

If you have recently found out that you are dealing with bed bugs in your home, you may feel stressed out and worried about having these pests biting on you while you are trying to sleep. Although they are stubborn and annoying, there are ways to get rid of them without the added stress. You must thoroughly wash all of your belongings, eliminate the clutter and have your home treated by an exterminator with professional pest control products. For more information, contact a pest control service like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc.