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Fighting Firebrats Without Fire | How To Get Rid Of The Tiny Brats Terrorizing Your Family

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With two long antennae and three unusual appendages that resemble tails, firebrats are hairy insects that look like something out of an alien movie. Also known as bristletails, these fast-moving insects often startle and scare people. Don't let these unusual pests terrorize your family. Follow the tips below to get rid of the firebrats in your house.

Don't Try to Fight Firebrats With Fire

Firebrats get their name because they love warm environments. This is why they gather around ovens, boilers, and hot pipes. It's also why you'll frequently find them in your shower or tub.

When you get a hot shower or bath, you create the perfect environment for firebrats. The combination of heat and moisture is exactly what the tiny insects are looking for. Because of this fact, your family probably first noticed the firebrats trapped in a shower or tub.

The good news is that, aside from causing fear, firebrats are harmless to people. The bad news is that they multiply rapidly and can contaminate your food.

Fight Firebrats Without Fire

So how do you get rid of the firebrats in your home? Start by getting rid of their favorite thing — moisture. Firebrats need moisture to survive, and they will stick around as long as they keep finding it.

To get rid of moisture, make sure your house doesn't have any major water leaks. If your washing machine is leaking, have it fixed. If there's a slow drip under your sink, have that fixed.

Roof leaks are another concern. If you find that the paint on your walls or ceiling is bubbling, odds are you have an external leak of some sort. Most likely you have a roof leak. Even if it's a slow leak, eventually water and moisture will accumulate and cause mold to grow and insects like firebrats to start appearing.

If your house is particularly humid, use a dehumidifier. Running such a device will make your house more comfortable for your family and less comfortable for firebrats.

In addition to getting rid of moisture, it's important to get rid of heat in your house. Avoid creating hot spots. When running heat-generating appliances, such as a dryer, keep the area open to air out the heat. Additionally, use vents and fans to remove the heat when possible.

Firebrats are capable of infesting a property quickly and surviving for years at a time, so if your home is already infested with firebrats, call a pest control technician, like Ants Plus, to have the problem treated before it gets worse.