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3 Tips For Dealing With House Spiders

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Whether you are afraid of spiders, or simply find them annoying, having a large number of spiders around your home can be difficult to deal with. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to both get rid of the spiders you already have and discourage new spiders from inhabiting your house. Here are three practical tips for dealing with house spiders:

Tidy Up Inside and Out

Spiders are happiest when they have a lot of hiding places. If your home is cluttered with old boxes, stacks of papers and books, piles of clothes on the floor, etc., the spiders will have many places to hide, which makes them more likely to linger in your home. Clutter outside of your home, like piles of dead leaves or old newspapers, also make great spider hiding places, and can encourage spiders to breed and live near your home. This makes it more likely they will ultimately make their way inside.

Use your spider problem as an excuse to spend some time tidying up both inside and outside your home. Decluttering and eliminating potential hiding places will diminish your spider population and leave you with a more appealing and tidy home as an added bonus.

Seal Up Your Home

Another way to discourage a spider problem is to seal up your home, eliminating small cracks and holes that spiders can use as access points. Spend some time inspecting the outer and inner walls of your home, filling in any tiny cracks and holes you happen to find with caulk. Replace old, worn out weatherstripping around doors and windows to further seal your home against spiders and other unwanted pests. 

Call a Pest Control Company

If you're facing more than just a few spiders in your home at any given time, you may have an infestation on your hand. While the other tips on this list will help prevent new spiders from getting in or staying in your home, once you are dealing with a large spider problem, it is time to get professional assistance. An experienced pest control company will spray for spiders as well as their eggs, while also helping to identify the cause of the spider infestation.

You may choose to continue with seasonal pest control visits even after your spider problem is taken care of as a preventative measure.

By following these tips, you will get your spider problem under control before their population grows. Click here to continue reading more about keeping spiders out of your home.