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3 Ways To Rid Your Home Of Spiders

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There's a reason why spiders have played a prominent role in horror films and nightmares. These pests can be downright frightening, and sometimes a little dangerous.

Keeping your home free from spiders might seem like a challenge, but there are actually some simple things you can do to get rid of eight-legged pests. Try one of these remedies the next time you spot some spiders on your property.

1. Swap your outdoor light bulbs.

One of the easiest things you can do to prevent spiders from taking up residence on your property is swap out the bulbs in your outdoor lights. Yellow sodium vapor lights are less appealing to insects than traditional light bulbs.

By reducing the number of insects milling about your home, you effectively eliminate a spider's food source. Arachnids will migrate elsewhere once you swap out your light bulbs in search of their next meal, leaving your property spider-free.

2. Apply a residual insecticide.

If spiders are gaining access to your home, it can be helpful to spray a residual insecticide product. Focus on interior and exterior corners, cracks in your home's foundation, and any windows that might serve as entry points for spiders.

It's important to note that many insecticides are not effective against spiders, so you need to find a residual insecticide that contains a pyrethroid. These pyrethroids typically end in -ate or -thrin, so they should be easy to spot on the ingredient list. Check the ingredient list for pyrethroids like tetramethrin, allethrin, and  esfenvalerate. Only an insecticide containing a pyrethroid will protect your home against spider infiltration over time.

3. Douse your property with peppermint oil.

If you are looking for a natural remedy that will keep spiders away from your home, you might want to try some peppermint oil. Peppermint oil has a strong and pungent odor that spiders can't stand. Mixing some peppermint oil with some water in a squirt bottle will give you a safe and effective tool to use in your fight against spiders.

Spray the perimeter of your home's exterior with the peppermint oil mixture, and spray around any windows or doorways as well. When any spiders trying to enter your home encounter the peppermint oil, they will flee in the opposite direction.

Keeping your home free from pests is an essential part of home maintenance. You can easily keep spiders away by using different outdoor light bulbs, applying a residual insecticide, or spraying peppermint oil around your home. Contact a service, like Affordable Pest Control Inc, for more help.