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Keeping Wildlife Off Your Property

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Whether you'd like to begin growing a garden or simply want to avoid germs and other problems, keeping wildlife off your property is important. Skunks, raccoons, bats, squirrels, deer and bears are only some of the many critters that could wander onto your land. To deter them, use these tips.

Look for Signs

You need to know which animals are most likely to hang around your house. You might get this information from your neighbors, municipal animal control personnel or your own eyes. You should also be monitoring your home and property for any signs of specific animals. For instance, if you look up at the roof or attic vents and see scratch marks, squirrels are likely to be the culprits because they can climb that high. Once you have a better idea of the wildlife you're dealing with, you can be smarter about the other actions you take.

Cover Trash

Over time, you may have lost the lids to your trashcans--if you ever had lids to start with. However, even if you've tied up all your trash bags up tight, animals can still smell the old food and garbage that you've disposed of. The best way to reduce the scent that brings all the critters around is to purchase enough tight lids for all your cans.

Eliminate Standing Water

You may not be paying too much attention to pooling water in trash can lids or other areas, you but standing water can be trouble. It attracts insects that breed and multiply, which could attract other unwanted visitors. Small mammals may enjoy the option of fresh water, and animals that eat insects could come closer than you'd like. Therefore, after heavy rains, stroll around and ensure that there's no standing water. 

Install the Right Kind of Fence

A smart way to stop any wildlife from wandering into your property is installing a fence. However, that's not enough; you'll need to think about what makes the most sense for your budget and your goals. A chain link could seem affordable, for instance, but many small animals can climb them, slip through the holes or sneak in at various spots after digging a bit. You may consider a wood-slat or vinyl fence that will completely block entry.

Perhaps the smartest thing you can do to really deter wildlife is to consult companies that work on removing wildlife from residential properties. Because they know how pests enter your property and where they're commonly found, they can offer up ideas about how prevention is best performed. If you find small nests or animals you can't safely remove yourself, they'll also assist with that.

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