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Four Reasons To Have Professionals Handle Your Rat Problem

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Rats are not only a nuisance, they also spread diseases like leptospirosis and salmonella. If you find a rat or two in your home, you may be tempted to handle the problem yourself. After all, getting rid of mice on your own is usually pretty easy. Rats are a whole other ball game. A rat infestation really should be handled by a professional, and here is why.

Contamination by rats is dangerous.

When entering spaces where the rats are living, it is very difficult to avoid exposure to their feces and nesting material. This material, which is certain to carry bacterial and viral infectious agents,  will be in the air and all over every surface. Professionals have the clothing and equipment to protect themselves from contamination. The same equipment may cost you just as much as hiring an exterminator. Plus, you do not want to risk bringing the contaminants down into other areas of your home. A professional will keep the infested space contained and avoid spreading the contaminants.

Rats live in large groups.

You may only have seen one or two rats,  but since rats breed quickly and live in large groups. There are probably many more you haven't seen in your home. Trapping the rats a few at a time will not get you very far. The measures used by professional exterminators, such as poisoning the rats en masse and applying repellent to keep additional rats away, are much more effective.

If you miss one entry point, you will have more rats.

There are many ways that rats can enter a home. Some enter through the soffits and vents on your roof. Rats may also come through a small crack or hole in your foundation or through damaged screens in your windows. In many cases, rats utilize a multiple entry points. If you only block one of these entry points, you will continue to see rats in your home. Professional exterminators are trained to identify all of the entry points that rats are using. They will block all of the entry points at once so that no additional rats can gain entry into your home.

Rat poison must be used very carefully.

Rat poison is not only damaging to, but also to pets and to your own health. If you apply it incorrectly or are accidentally exposed to it,  you may end up in the hospital, or your pet may end up in the vet's office. Professional exterminators know exactly how and where to apply rat poison without risking the health of your home's residents.

If you have rats in your home, contact a licensed exterminator, like one from Econo-Way Exterminating, today. It is not worth fighting the rats yourself; doing so may take many months and put your family at risk.