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3 Tips to Keep Mice Out of Your Home

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No one wants to invite pests into their home, but your home is appealing to many pests, including mice. Like you, they can enjoy the safety and comfort of your home. Luckily, there are many tricks you can follow to help deter mice from wanting to live inside your home. Check out these three tips you can follow to keep mice out.

Reduce or Eliminate Access for Mice and Other Pests

The first step in eliminating mice in your home is to stop them from getting inside. In many cases, mice can sneak inside the home via holes or cracks in exterior walls, the foundation, and the basement. Smaller pests like termites may be able to pass through extremely small cracks around windows and doors. Another good spot to check is near pipes or cords that pass through the exterior of the wall. All these can be fixed with caulk and/or foam insulation in a can. If you have a crawlspace, consider having it encapsulated, which creates a moisture and pest barrier.

Eliminate Sources of Food and Water

Next, identify any sources of food and water the mice may use. If they can eat and drink in your home, they won't want to leave. First, check your garbage cans. If they do not have lids or are left open, they may attract mice, especially if you toss food waste in the garbage. Your pet's food may also be a source of food for mice. Last, keep all dry goods stored in containers so pests can't access them. Finding the water supply may be more difficult because it may be a leaking pipe. A pest control specialist will be able to help pinpoint any potential problems.

Reduce the Number of Rodents Near Your Home

The more mice you have outside your home, the greater the risk of a home invasion, so make sure you aren't attracting pests to your yard. Rotting food in your yard from a compost pile or fruit trees can attract mice, so remove any dropped fruit and keep your compost container off the ground. Lots of foliage can also attract pests for food and hiding, so make sure to keep foliage away from the exterior of the home. The closer mice get to your home, the greater the chance of them finding a way inside.

No one wants their home overrun with mice, and these three tips can help reduce your risk of attracting mice. If you believe you already have an infestation, or you've seen a mouse in your house, it's best to contact a pest control specialist for a residential mice inspection. To schedule an appointment or to get more information, contact a pest control company in your area today.